Ruma Abedona Hospice
a charitable centre for cancer and palliative care
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Santanu founded Ruma Abedona Hospice(RAH)
For a Greater Cause

Life was beautiful for musician Santanu Chakraborty and his wife Ruma (Moitrayee Chakraborty). But the happiness didn’t last long. Tragedy struck them when Ruma was diagnosed with non-hodgkin’slumphoma and passed away in October 2000.

A shattered Santanu gave up his career as a musician and soon he realized that by the loss of his wife, God has entrusted him with a greater responsibility- to help the patients who were suffering from this fatal disease, cancer, and other life threatening ailments in their last stage of life.

In October 2001, Santanu went to Australia and underwent an extensive Palliative Care course at the McAuley training center in Perth, Western Australia and also completed his post- graduation in 2008 in Palliative Care and health from Finders University, Adelaide, Australia. He did his practical training at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, Perth, Western Australia under the guidance of Dr Anil Tandon.

After coming back to country, Santanu founded Ruma Abedona Hospice(RAH) on July 29, 2002, in memory of his beloved wife Ruma.

After 14 years of growing the Hospice, Santanu eventually married again. A faithful volunteer named Meheli. She shares the passion for the hospice and continues the work with Santanu.

This non-profitable charitable trust was built to extend care, medication, instruction, physical, spiritual and emotional support for terminally ill patients. And till date, Santanu along with the whole team of dedicated volunteers, doctors and nurses of RAH, continue to serve the people relentlessly and selflessly, thus upholding the mantra of the NGO-Care beyond Cure.

RAH was official inaugurated on 9th February 2005 by Dr Rosalie Shaw, who is a pioneer in Palliative Care facilities in Western Australia and also the executive director of the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network. Her acquaintance with Santanu was from 2001 and she has been instrumental in arranging the Post-Graduate Palliative Care course for Santanu in Flinder’s University. RAH only believes in “CARE BEYOND CURE”.

There are a lot of circumstantial evidences where patients, who are suffering from a incurable diseases go through a worst phase during livelihood due to pain, financial loss, fear of death and the list continues. We Ruma Abedona Hospice, a non profit charitable trust dedicatedly extend our support to those patients and their family members to facilititate them with proper guidance, care and medication to improve the life of those patients. There is no business benefits involved with this cause and in some special cases financial assistance are also provided. Cancer is one such disease in India, if not diagnosed at early stage could be fatal and a cancer patient slowly move towards death with lot of physical, mental and financial suffering. Even there are lot of evidences where a patient due to heavy financial constraints and lack of awareness cannot even initiate the basic treatment as till date it is also very expensive.

We are a palliative care unit works for those patients through a common approach of Care Beyond Cure where lot of patients are taken care of in terms of medication, proper guidance, and counseling to mitigate their barriers and stigma attached with the disease.

Santanu Chakraborty Chairman – Board of Trustees

Meheli Chakraborty CEO – Managing Committee

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