Ruma Abedona Hospice
a charitable centre for cancer and palliative care
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CARE BEYOND CURE: It is very evident that a patient suffering from cancer or any terminal disease fails to reciprocate even after treated by the best institutions with finest doctors and medicine. Although we do not claim that we can save a dying patient but we always take corrective measures on a regular basis to eliminate the intolerable pain in the last stages of life and always stay till the end of the journey. We establishes contact with patients through home visits, cancer hospitals/ clinics, local family doctors, health camps and palliative care education.

Ruma Abedona Hospice always raise their hand to anyone and everyone who is suffering from any terminal disease and apart from medical guidance each patient receives

  • Love and Compassion
  • Hope, Faith, Security and Peace
  • Emotional, Mental and Spiritual support
  • Proper counseling about the disease to patients and their family members
What is Palliative Care

The concept of Palliative Care is still new in India and generally unheard of in the eastern region of India. In fact, in the West, people are becoming increasingly dependent on this kind of health care.

Palliative Care is a specialized health care for people suffering from terminal diseases. It includes physician and his team, who try to take care of the patients suffering from incurable diseases. Apart from medical care, they also provide emotional, mental and economical (in some cases) help the patients to fight the advance stages of the diseases.

When death is inevitable and unavoidable, this kind of health care helps the patients to lead an improved and comfortable life for the time being through care, medication and counselling. RAH reaches out to the terminally ill patients, understand/ recognize their problems, provide medication, and try to decrease their level of pain. The volunteers of RAH also involve family members of the patients in this mission and provide them mental support.

RAH establishes contact with cancer suffering patients through hospitals, clinics, local practitioners and community referral. The team of dedicated volunteers visits the patients on regular basis, help them alleviate pain through medical, paramedical, psychological and spiritual care under the guidance of specialized doctors and Palliative Care consultants. In this way, the patients find a ray of hope, to lead their remaining life with dignity and peace.

The patients also visit RAH for day care. There they undergo treatment for wounds, and are provided with other medical care along with recreation.

Care beyond Cure

There comes a time in the life of a cancer / terminally ill patients when even the best of the medicines, the finest doctors and premium hospitals fail to save them.

We, at RAH, don’t want to make fake promises. We can’t save a terminally ill patient but yes, we can certainly alleviate the pain, which becomes unbearable in the last stages of life. Our team comprising doctors, counselors, nurses and volunteers visit the patients home and provide comfort and care on a regular basis.

RAH is for anyone and everyone who is suffering from terminal diseases. Each person is given:

  • Compassion & love
  • Hope, faith, security and peace
  • Emotional and mental support
  • Spiritual support
  • Educate the patients and family members about the illness
  • Volunteers take care of the patients without any phobia and fear.
  • We remain with the patients till the end of their journey RAH establishes contact with patients through
  • Home visits
  • Cancer hospitals/clinics
  • Local family practitioners
  • Health camps in remote villages
  • Health and Palliative Care education

Apart from helping the patinets and their familes, we provide assistance to widows, blind girls, orphans and poor families.

Community Services

As a charitable trust, RAH is also responsible for the betterment of the society. At RAH, we wrok hard to take care of the community.

Here’s a look at our activities:

  • Providing free medicines to under privileged terminally ill patients.
  • Free health check-up camps at differant under privileged villages.
  • Home care for terminally ill patients.
  • Awarness programs in the form of educating and informing about the incurable diseases and cancer
  • Training for Caregiver, Nurses and Volunteers.
  • Assistance to widows, orphans and blind girls.
  • Providing books and stationeries to brilliant students who are denied the comforts of life.
  • Provides free medicines to under privileged patients through our health camps.
  • Provides blankets and clothes to the destitute through awarness camps.

Ruma Abedone Hospice takes immense pride and announces that we have collaborated with Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute ( since July 29, 2013. RAH is functioning inside CNCI, a premier cancer institute of the eastern region of India, since July 29, 2013.

Your Partnership

RAH seeks your partnership in their journey to be with those who are in pain. Here are few areas you can partner with us…

  • Volunteering towards the operations of RAH
  • Become a member of RAH and be a part of RAH mission
  • Arrange seminers, meetings to promote Palliative Care
  • Donate financially towards the operation of RAH (all donations are exempted U/s 80G(5)(VI) of Income Tax Act 1961)

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